Improve Your Page Rank With Backlinks

So they’ve picked up your site and now what? After frantically looking for your website on the search engines, it’s nowhere to be seen. We’ve all seen this and it’s totally demoralizing when you find your page rank is non existent or is your page rank is much lower than you’d have wanted but have you got your backlinks set up?

Getting a good number of these links from highly ranked websites is utmost importance when trying to get your website ranked yourself. Its like getting a recommendation from someone who has is already established him or herself as a person recognised in their field and the more recommendations you get the better as the search engines will total these up and calculate via their algorithms your own page rank. Not only that, the more important the website that is giving you a backlink, the more valuable your backlink will be to Google when they come to calculate your page rank.

Right, still with me? Now here’s how the backlinks can get even more valuable. If you get your backlink from a site that has few outbound links then that makes your link more valuable. If you get your link from a site that is in the same niche as yours or is relevant to your site, then that is a big tick from Google. If your backlink anchor text uses the same keywords as the most relevant keywords in the content of your website then this makes it even more valuable.

OK now that we have established that backlinks will help us get ranked on on search engines, how do we start to get these links?

The first way I’d recommend is to use the Open Directory project or Dmoz as its known. This is a kind or catalogue of the web so any URL’s that get listed in it get automatically recognised by Google as being a website worthy of a higher page rank, being listed will give you a free high quality backlink. There are other directories like Dmoz but this is favoured as being the best one. Other places for a quality backlink would be relevant forums and article directories. You send them a decent article and you will get a quality backlink in return. Again it costs no money for the link and the more reputable the site your submitting to, the better the backlink you will receive.

Lastly a good way to get to get quality backlinks is, if your selling a product, then offer an affiliate program. If someone sells your product through their site then you would automatically get a backlink from them as they are referring potential customers back to your site. Not only that as the backlink is only one way, it will be a better backlink. The only problem with this though is that its not free and you would have to payout commissions on any sales made from referrals.

Can some backlinking strategies affect your page rank?

Over the years as some webmasters have tried to compete in heavily competitive niches, they’ve used backlinking methods which Google has frowned upon and are labelled as being bad or black hat techniques. This would include doing things like, creating websites with many outbound links to another one of your websites or creating link farms. Also using link exchanges are now considered bad practice as the relevance between content of the sites can differ greatly therefore dropping the value of the link drastically. Remember Google would prefer it that sites link to each other are relevant and have related content.

Careful also of sites which link to you as these sites maybe already have a poor page rank within the search engines therefore dropping the value of your own page rank. Backlinking is an interesting subject and fun as there is an exploratory element to it. You can potentially make very good contacts and friends from the work involved, just beware of some the pitfalls and not get your site banned from Google altogether.

Backlinks For Search Engine Optimization – How Important Are They?

Backlinks are the hot topic in search engine optimization articles. All the search engine consulting experts talk about the importance of backlinks for achieving higher search engine ranking. That’s because the more one-way backlinks you have leading to your website, the more important the search engines believe your page is.

There are two types of backlinks: one-way links and reciprocal links.

One-Way Links are basically backlinks that only go one direction. Maybe it’s a link that goes from your website to another website. Or maybe it’s a link that goes from another site to yours. Either way, it’s only going one way.

Reciprocal Links are backlinks that go from one website to another, and then back to the original website.

It’s important to differentiate between one-way back links versus reciprocal links. Many search engine optimization experts believe that one-way back links are more valuable than reciprocal links because they’re much harder to earn. The thinking is that since they’re harder to earn, they must be more valuable, which means other people think very highly of your site. And if people think very highly of your site, it must be an important site, which means the search engines will give it a higher rank than those sites that don’t have a lot of one-way backlinks.

As search engines like Google grow and improve, they’re putting more emphasis on how popular a website is, not whether they use all the right keywords. This popularity is measured through one-way backlinks. They’re like votes to Google, and search engine ranking is more like a popularity contest: have a lot of links to your site and your site achieves a high ranking.

The easiest way to find the number of backlinks that lead to your site is to visit Google or Yahoo! and type in the following command:

You will be shown a list of all the websites that have backlinks to your own domain. If you want to see who has links back to a particular page on your site, then put in the full URL to that individual page.

Although no one can be sure of the exact algorithm Google and Yahoo use to rank sites, it’s commonly believed that if a website has more backlinks, it will achieve a higher search engine ranking. There are other factors that go into the whole search engine ranking, but backlinks are one of the more important ones.

But it’s important you have good quality backlinks, not just links that appear on any page you can find, like a link farm or sticking a comment on a page that has nothing to do with your website at all. That is, if you sell hammers, don’t put any backlinks on a page that sells women’s shoes.

That’s because search engines like Google have started cracking down on link farms and backlinks spammers. The search engine spiders know how to tell the difference between backlinks on a link farm and links on a quality website. And if you’re caught spamming, you’ll be dropped in the ranks, or possibly even dropped completely from Google’s index.

So you need to pay attention to the quality of your backlinks, now more than ever. One way to do this is to make sure you use the proper anchor text in your backlinks. For example, don’t ever hot link the words “click here.” What you’re basically telling the search engine spiders is that the website is about Click Here. Instead, use the keywords about the site that the backlinks are leading to. If you’re creating backlinks to a site about hammers, put the word hammers in your links. “Click here” is not about hammers.

In short, if you want some great search engine results, be sure to include backlinks as part of your search engine optimization strategy. You’ll see it pay off with improved search engine rankings.

Free Ways To Get Quality Backlinks For Search Engine Optimization

One of the best places to get free reviews is through social networking sites. On social networking sites, people talk about each other all the time. Social networking sites are going to take a bit more work to get reviews because you’re going to have to participate and make your presence known before you can ask other people to review. Another way to do this is to have something to review other than you or your website with a bunch of backlinks.

If you are just trying to sell a product or are trying to get a site link as Stumble Upon website, along with a review, this will give you some backlinks to your main site. You can also send reviews to places that are always looking for new product reviews – you can even do this with products that you are not selling.

If you become one of the first people to review a product, this is going to put your site at the top of the list, which will generate good traffic and help with your advertising. If your product is unique, this may give you a product review.

If your product could fit in an envelope, you might think about mass mailing it to several webmasters in your particular niche and requesting that they reviewed. Even better, you could offer that they become sellers of your product as long as they provide you a backlink, like Craigslist.

There are also sites that review websites as their main focus. You can submit your website for a review and get a backlink. The only problem with this is that you are not guaranteed that you are going to get a positive review. For example, if your layout is less than stellar, they will probably say that. This means that you might get one-way backlink, but it might not be in your favor, so be careful there. This is a risk you are going to take when you submit to website domain review sites, so make sure you trust that your own website is truly of good quality.

You can also utilize bloggers as part of the process for reviews. However, you are likely going to have to review the bloggers website, too. There are several ways to do this, but most likely you will have to do an even exchange. However, this is still a great way to generate some pre-backlinks. To do this, you establish your own blog under your domain so that you can do some social networking within blog communities.

If you are new to the Internet, it might seem like it is a very large task to get free unforced backlinks to your site. Natural backlinks are very important to give you a solid reputation with search engines, but as with inexperienced jobseekers, you, too, are not going to have the qualifications to attract someone who is interested in you. Nonetheless, the Catch-22 of that is that you are going to have to get those qualifications (in this case, backlinks) to establish the working reputation you need.

What do you do, then, Say that you were in a very tight job market and that market was only looking for experienced people; however, you do not have those qualifications. You might get the qualifications by volunteering or doing an internship. This is similar to what you are going to have to do to get some truly valuable backlinks that will count towards your reputation. You’ll have to do some legwork and seek out backlinks just as you would job or volunteer opportunities if you were a newbie in the job market looking for experience.

Spotting a Backlink Lead

Search engines will ignore backlinks that look like spam. In fact, this has become such a problem for search engines and blog communities alike that most automatically put the attribute rel=nofollow in their templates to keep commentators from spamming just to try to get backlinks.

Unfortunately, this also stops people who are genuinely marketing their products via commentary. To this end, many communities have found that switching back to dofollow from nofollow as the attribute is best, then, someone in that site specifically takes care of the spam. This means that those commentators who contribute significantly to the community have their backlinks. These sites are called dofollow sites, as compared to nofollow sites.

Where You Get Started

Even though you know people are willing to give you a head start in the backlink market, though, this doesn not actually tell you where to go. These people do not want to advertise that they are willing to give backlinks and therefore attract spammers. Therefore, you are going to have to do some research and find out which websites will give you proper credit as long as you do the work on your end. This will help keep you from wasting valuable time on people who do not want to give you the time of day.

Just as you would not go to an employer who is not hiring anyway, thus wasting your time, you want to focus on websites that are already ready to work with you. These will give you backlinks for just a small amount of effort. These websites have established a dofollow attribute back into their community forums and websites.

However, if you have to actually go to every referral and ask them whether or not they are legitimate dofollow sites, it is going to take you forever. However, with the Internet, you can network your way into multiple referrals in a fraction of the time. One of the great ways to do this is through forums and bulletin boards. These places will give you information on websites that allow legitimate commentary or contribution to a community, along with backlinks. These places often post lists of sites and forums that accept legitimate backlinks, and they can provide you with an instant marketing contact referral list as well.

30 Minute Backlinks Review – Is It Worth $97?

Before we talk about 30 Minute Backlinks, we should ask ourselves this question: What are backlinks, and why are they so important?

Answer: Backlinks are links to your website from other sites. Search engines like Google rank webpages in variety of different ways, one being how many backlinks you have. Quality is imperative here. A rise in non-relevant backlinks might place you on Google’s first page for a week, but once the big G notices what is going on (and they will) you’ll quickly drop back down. Google now penalizes too many unrelated backlinks and the days of buying them are over.

What 30 Minute Backlinks is:

30 Minute Backlinks is a group of video tutorials that explain a new and unpublished method of gaining hundreds of links pointing to your site. I signed up for the free Link Building Tutorial to see what it was about. There was no “guide” or “how-to” here, just more or less sales pitch. I think there was a problem with the site at the time, as two sound tracks were playing at the same time. Nevertheless, the woman’s stats were high and it intrigued me into purchase.

The method is as claimed; it should only take 30 minutes, requires no technical background, is completely white hat, and is free.

In all I would rate it a 8 out of 10.

Con: The quality of the backlinks is low and only partially targeted.

Pro: The tutorials are thorough and explained well enough that even a complete novice could understand. The method will undoubtedly bring you 1000s backlinks if you implement it. The method is unique and free (that a big plus on my list). If you are looking for a quick rise to Google’s front page I would encourage you to buy this product. I suppose you could even use the method to sell backlinks to other people for moderate income.

Outsource Your Backlink Solutions

If you’ve invested any research time online during these past 12 months, at some point you’ll have come across the term ‘backlink’. If you haven’t, it simply refers to a link to your website on another website that links ‘back’ to your website.

A number of years ago we called them reciprocal links because we also had a link from our website ‘back’ to theirs as well. However, over time, as the rules began to change, it became obvious that the less links we had going ‘out’ from our website, and the more ‘in’, the better is was for our search engine rankings.

But (and this is a BIG but…), if you’re a small business manager, and your primary job is to “run a business”, not ‘run a website’, then setting up profitable backlink solutions to your website is a very unprofitable task – it simply takes to long.

This is why you should outsource backlink solutions to a full time back-link expert. Simply put, get someone else to do what you don’t have time to do!

When you do this though, you need to be aware of the different types of backlinks that are available so that you know what it is that you’re paying for and what it is that you’re getting; you don’t want to get ripped off!

Most people who sell backlink solutions and packages do so using fully automated software that have the ability to blast your links out to hundreds, even thousands of websites at a time. Some will try to ‘dress it up’ for you and tell you that they are X amount of “profile links”, “comments links” and so forth… but call it what they might, they are essentially links to your site from totally unrelated websites to your own.

I’m not here to tell you that they are un-valuable… just that this is the *least valuable* of all backlink solutions available.

The better type of link is one that is placed on a website that at least has a theme or topic somewhat similar to yours. It’s hard to say ‘how much’ better such a link is, but assume it’s worth at least 100 times the value and you’ll be close to the mark. These of course take more time… and cost more money.

The best type of backlink solution for any website is one where not only the linking website has a related theme, but so does the page that you’re on, the keyword ‘anchor text’, as well as the site itself already being in the top 50 results for the keyword phrase you’re targeting. These are often packaged as premium backlink solutions. Once again, this takes a lot more time, and can cost a lot more money. You need to do the maths to see which is best for you and gets you the best return on investment (ROI).

One simple solution however is this: go write a few dozen articles (or get them written for you), which are targeted to your theme and are tightly focused for keyword relevancy *as well* as highly informative for the laymen reader. Take these articles, say in groups of 5 and offer them to the top ranking websites in your sector as *exclusive* content – meaning it is not published anywhere else – and ask them if they’ll publish it for you. All you ask is a backlink as per the article signature file.

Start with the website that ranks position number 1 for your targeted keyword phrase. If they say no, go to number 2, then number 3 and so on. As long as the articles are of sufficient value to their readers, you’ve got a real chance.

Imagine that the value of these links to be about 1000 times the value of blasted links and do the maths on that one.

This strategy offers unlimited backlink solutions on multiple websites that can easily be outsourced for fast effect.

The Benefits of Backlinks

It is common knowledge that if you want to be at the top of the major search engine pages you need lots of good backlinks. If you desire to have a successful website then having good backlinks is an absolute must.

The quickest way to acquire useful links is to buy them from successful internet resources. This will ensure you the best in search engine optimization and catapult you to the top of such successful search engines as Google and Bing. It used to be that many web masters and web business owners would wait for natural links to come to them, but now more and more people are buying their own backlinks. It saves them time and money.

Having a good and knowledgeable link strategy is the best tool in any web master’s arsenal. When you decide to purchase text links it gives a one way avenue straight to your website, and of course the more visitors you gain the more money you make and the more success you have.

It can be a bit dangerous buying links from venues online. That is why it is vitally important to know who you are buying from and how to do web business the appropriate way. Attracting visitors to your site and getting as many hits as possible is the secret to ecommerce success.

There are many backlink sites that will also let you register for free and try out their services. That way you know they are an option you can trust. You want to be safe and secure when you do online business and these sites know that. They work hard to ensure that you do feel secure at all times and that your personal information always stays completely private.

It is also a good idea to become a part of an affiliate program. This way you can earn additional money with no extra work to you. Earning extra money is a benefit we all love taking advantage of. Check into buying and even selling backlinks today and watch your business grow to new heights online. After all you go into business for the revenue and there are helpful sites that can assist you in reaching all of your goals today.

Go online and research the many options and you might just be surprised at all of the exciting ventures ahead of you. Backlinks can put you to the top of search engines in a snap and with minimal extra work for you. This way you can focus on your business and all of the many aspects of it.

Get More Backlinks – Free Backlinks

As a webmaster ranking in the search engines in order for people to find you is one of your major concerns. Knowing how to get More Backlinks is one of the solutions. What is really nice is free backlinks.

With a good backlink strategy you can get to #1 on Google. I know because I have done it. Not once, but many times. There is only one problem…it takes WORK! If you are not willing to do the work or have the work outsourced then forgetaboutit.

Everybody wants #1 on Google. Knowing how to collect backlinks will help get you there. The first page of Google will put you in easy reach of your customers. If you are a webmaster you can do it yourself. If you are a business owner I strongly suggest that you outsource.

Many web owners struggle to rank up their pages and often this is because they do not fully understand the power of backlinks.

Backlinks, are one-way links. Reciprocal links are when links are exchanged between two websites. Backlinks get more “juice” from the search engines and play an important part when assigns page rank.

Now the thing is, you don’t want just any kind of backlink, you want good high quality backlinks. There are a lot of sites that will sell you backlinks…DON’T. Most of those sites will raise a red flag with Google, and have the “Big G” looking sideways at your site. Free is the key. Free backlinks!

Do not try to manipulate Google. Be safe and do it right. When you seek to get more backlinks you must ensure that they meet the standards of “Big G” and the other search engines. Main thing…make sure the links are relevant to your site, and come from a high ranking site. PR-2 or better. Authority sites such as .gov or .edu are great for backlinks.

There is a very simple method to get high quality backlinks everyday. No begging, no cash required, just fifteen minutes a day will have you over time tons of quality free backlinks and catapult your site to the top of the charts.

Why Backlinks Play An Important Role In SEO

There’s nothing better than having a website high in popularity. Not only can you market your product to a greater audience on the World Wide Web, you can also expect people to trust your brand name and thus, greater profits too. So how exactly does a website become popular?

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have been widely used for quite some years now, and getting your website to the top of their rankings is vital in order to sustain yourself in the cut-throat competition on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that ensures that your website makes it to the top, and there are several techniques involved.

One popular technique used by SEO experts with the help of top SEO tools is the use of backlinks.

Recent trends suggest that backlinks are a vital component of the SEO process, and before we get into why they can be so vital, it would be useful to know what they are in the first place.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are basically the links found on other websites that lead to your websites and thereby generate more traffic.

How are they Important?

Google takes note of quality backlinks and if you have quite a substantial number of them, expect your search engine ranking to go up.

However, there should be an emphasis on quality, and not quantity.

Improving rankings through quality backlinks is a slow process, and Google is quick to demote websites that focus on high backlink quantity. The best SEO tools ensure the creation of high-quality backlinks.

Before you get down to the process of creating backlinks, it’s necessary to keep the following points in mind:

Quality: Make sure that the websites that have backlinks to your website themselves have a good standing in Google rankings. Check for well-established websites within your industry and your niche, and that’s where your backlinks need to come from. You can take the help of reliable SEO software if you are ever in a fix.

Take it Slow: Google is constantly changing its search engine algorithms to keep up with the times and keep their rankings as genuine as possible. As mentioned before, establishing quality backlinks takes time. If Google spots over a thousand backlinks within a short period of time, your website will be penalized and duly demoted. The best SEO software can accelerate the process, but still keep it natural.

Relevance: You need to make sure that the backlinks to your website come from a relevant source. For example, if your website deals in selling clothes, there is no use if a backlink comes from a website which offers live football updates. Also, Google checks for relevance. Anything irrelevant may be flagged as suspicious, even though it may just have been a case of bad back linking practices.

Variety of Websites: There are many facets of the fashion industry, and there are websites for all these facets. It is always in your website’s best interests if the generated backlinks come from websites of all varieties within your specific industry.

Understanding and implementing the aforementioned points using top SEO tools would undoubtedly boost your website’s search engine rankings. But remember to stay ethical throughout. Any sign of unethical practices spotted by Google or other search engines may lead to a tricky situation.

Using a Backlink Generator – Avoid Dying Young Online!

Retailers, non-profits, organizations, politicians and of course online marketers all use search to drive traffic to their offers and products. Relevant keywords are used to direct seekers to websites or blogs where they will be provided an answer or solution to their particular problem.

If you know how to use a keyword research tool effectively it’s like you can actually see into the future. You can mine for keyword gold by using the best keyword research software on the market and find the most targeted long-tail and short-tail keywords with low competition and a high amount of monthly global searches, but if you can’t build a lot of quality backlinks you’ll never have a sustainable amount of traffic. If your selling products or services, no traffic means no leads, no leads means no sales and no sales will mean no business.

Fast Quality SEO Results?

For those who want fast SEO results, a backlink generator may be just the answer. Webmasters can attest to the fact that getting inbound links to your website takes up a lot of time, energy and effort. Link building is arguably the most important and effective strategy for enhancing the visibility of your business on the internet. You can rest assured that a successful campaign involving link building using these online tools results in increase in traffic volume and top search engine rankings.

What’s the true about Panda and Penguin

Naturally at this point we have to speak to the Panda and Penguin update and as to whether it’s “safe” to use an automated backlink generator to link build?

So real quick, What do you have to be aware of? Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times a year and every few months brings out the big guns and does a major algorithmic update like Panda and Penguin that affects the search results in a major way. The update that most concerns the topic of backlinking is Penguin.

Too much of a good thing can be damaging and that’s the case with the penalty that was levied in the Penguin update. Links were lost because of anchor text over-optimization. Too many exact match anchor text back links got a lot of people penalized.

Let me explain a little further. Using exact anchor text leaves an obvious “footprint” that identified artificial backlinking. So if the keyword your trying to rank for was “baby cribs” it would be obvious your were artificially backlinking if all your link’s anchor text were “baby cribs”. In order to look more natural you would need to vary your anchor text and use “broad” anchor text, “generic” anchor text and “URL” anchor text. (See the example below). So over-optimization was the issue NOT employing a backlink generator to build artificial backlinks.

Exact Match – “Baby Cribs”
Broad Phrase – “Safe Cribs for Babies”, “Crib Safety for Babies”
Generic – “Go Here”, “Click Here”, “Follow this Link”

Beneficial Link Building Software

These online backlinking tools have increased in popularity in recent years. A backlink generator is associated with many benefits including the fact that they are able to increase traffic volume to your website thus making your website rank in top positions in the search engine results. These online tools are considered the best choice amongst all other link building techniques.

The main reason being they have the capability of creating inbound links a lot faster as compared to other methods. Furthermore, when using a backlink generator, it eliminates the need to outsource the services of a SEO expert. In essence, the technique saves on both time and money. It is just a simple process where you only have to select one of the numerous online tools available, registering for an account and finally downloading the software.

The use of link building software comes with its fair share of benefits. One of the main benefits is that the online tool has the capability of placing regular inbound links to your website or blog from well established and reputable websites that you have never visited before. These online tools crawl through a myriad of web pages all over the internet with the intention of finding those websites that contain web content that are closely related to that of your site followed by link building on those relevant web pages.

Automate the Link Building Process

As mentioned previously, there are numerous benefits experienced by bloggers and webmasters as soon as they commence using these fantastic tools. Organic link building is considered very effective, though it is a very expensive affair. The majority of SEO companies do not provide guarantees of quick results in exchange for their services.

As a result, undertaking link building on your own is a viable alternative. In this case, it might take you couple of weeks or months to attain quality inbound links to your website. Nevertheless, link building is absolutely essential to rank on the first page of the search engines so keep at it.

With a backlink generator, you can obtain relevant links and therefore boosting your online presence. It follows that the higher the number of inbound links your site has, the higher it appears in the search engine results page. Many people have questions as regards the effectiveness of these link building software tools. The answer depends to a great extent on the quality of the online software being used. In this regard, it is important to purchase your backlink generator from a highly regarded site.

If you don’t wish to submit your website to thousands of directories manually and spend your quality time making posts or comments on forums or blogs for purposes of getting a few inbound links, then the option to buy a number of tools may be right for you.

So there you have it my friends, start getting fast high quality backlinks without getting penalized and dying a young death on the internet. Choose a software tool that makes sense to you and you’ll generate more traffic, more leads and more revenue using a backlink generator.

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time and reading my article.

Hello, my name is Jamie LeBlanc. I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for 15 years as an independent contractor in a variety of industries. More recently I’ve been focused on building an online business and working with people that want to create time and financial freedom for themselves from home.

If you’re building a network marketing business online or even offline and you’ve jumped from company to company, training to training, product launch to product launch looking for the “secrets” to earn more from your business, STOP. It’s here!

Techniques to Get Backlinks for Your Website

The techniques used to get backlinks to a website are easy enough for any marketer to achieve. Backlinks are the essential elements of any SEO campaign and can take a website from near obscurity to getting significant traffic and climbing the search engine results pages (SERPS). However, not all backlinks are created equal and to benefit your website, care must be taken to obtain only the best and most valued backlinks.

When backlinks are created intelligently, they will increase the position of the website in the SERPS and will stand a greater chance of appearing on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is the desired result because surfers searching with the keywords you are optimizing your website for will be presented with your website if it is at the top of the SERPS. It has been estimated that 80% of all web searches access websites listed on the first page of the search engine results.

By far the best techniques to get backlinks is creating relevant, quality articles and posting them to high quality article directories. Writing quality articles that are not overly promotional and provides information readers will want to read is a good way to obtain good ratings from the search engines. The articles will contain a link at the bottom that will lead to the writer’s website and if the article is valuable, readers will want to get more information and will click the link to visit the website. Once there they will get the additional information they seek and will be encouraged to purchase your product or service.

Yet another technique used to get backlinks is by creating a guess blog post on a reputable, high rated blog in your niche. Search engines reward linking to relevant websites, and blogs especially, if the quality is valuable and relevant to the site that is being linked to. Blog owners are constantly looking for fresh content to post and if you should provide that you will receive a powerful backlink in the process. The blog’s readers will want to follow your link back to your site. Simply backlinking to a blog will create a no-follow link that will not increase your SE ranking, but contributing a guess post will great more link juice for your site.

Web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages have high page ranking. Creating a site on these properties and providing relevant, valuable content for the keywords you are targeting will provide your website with a good amount of link juice for your business. This is much the same as posting to article directories but you will be allowed to be much more promotional and will be able to add images, affiliate links, surveys and other promotional features not allowed on article directories. You can even provide links directly to products you sell or to other sites that sell such as eBay and Amazon.

Building your own quality site with relevant information about your product or service will gain good ratings in the search engines. The search engines reward sites that are user friendly and make navigation easy for readers. Once your site is recognized as valuable and of good quality other related sites will request backlinks to their sites. This will further increase your rankings in the SERPS and will result in your getting even more backlinks.

Providing quality, relevant content that is targeted to your niche will get backlinks to your website. The important criteria are quality and not quantity.